ART-TO-WEAR Luxury by essence

ACH CHAJAI PARIS was born from Franco-Berber cultural crossbreeding, from its two cultures, it extracts the quintessence of it. A nonconformist label of the 21st century, which dresses the plural woman, a universal working girl proud to wear her difference..

Multicultural and architectural universe

It tells a story of diversity where our cultural and contemporary differences unite. The creations are part of a neo-ethnic spirit; more than a garment, it's an identity, a claim to be unique, different; wearing Ach Chajai Paris as a piece of art , which reveals our ideals.
It claims to be anti-fast consumption, to appropriate ACH CHAJAI PARIS is to choose an avant-garde and original fashion. Its DNA ; 'Made in Paris' is by definition artistic, strong pieces with a meaningful and responsible identity.
The collections of ACH CHAJAI PARIS offer a urban wardrobe up to haute couture made to measure (wedding dress, evening gown, suit, skirt ...). A label that is part of sustainable luxury accessible to all and that reveals the personality of the wearer in all its multicultural authenticity

ACH CHAJAI means "courage" in Arabic, courage to surpass ourselves and to go to the end of our dreams. Its Emblem: its rosette which represents the DNA of a melting-pot woman. The stylized 'A' of the ACH CHAJAI logo represents the antique vaulted doors.
They are thus intertwined with each other to form the rosette, an invitation to travel to discover different cultural worlds.
Its specificity; the mixtures of antinomic fabrics, tweeds mixed with neoprene or cotton gabardines with silk; building sets decorated with trimmings from all over the world, as a complement of soul.
His inspirations: the great French craft tradition, the energy of the street, art, culture, nature and travels.
Like an architect's plan, the volumes are pushed always in search of a new shapes, a new cut more structured but always modern and easy-to-wear. The designs of all unique pieces are done in the Atelier-Concept Store of ACH CHAJAI PARIS and the small series in small Parisian or provincial workshops, thus minimizing the ecological impact due to transportation.

What about the trimmings ?

Trimmings appeared on clothing as early as the High Antiquity, in Assyria and Egypt. Then, it conquered Byzantium, the Mediterranean region, Italy and finally France.
It is revisited, developed and enriched by Najette, our artistic director, who makes it her guiding thread and adorns all her creations.
An ancestral know-how that embellishes most of her outfits, inside and outside. Combining tradition and modernity, it is a call for continuous exploration.
In addition to presenting its own collections, ACH CHAJAI PARIS honors artisans in all its creative process and thus it participates in the preservation of know-how from here and elsewhere (fabrics, jewelry ...).


Najette is a French woman of Moroccan-Berber origin born in Nice. Since she was 10 years old, she became passionate about fashion and materials. Her mother, a dressmaker, will help her to make her creations of knitted sweaters and pants. As for her father, he will bring the touch of aesthetics and will transmit to her his passion for architecture, the taste for detail and luxury.

She studied at Esmod Paris, followed by 15 years of experience during which she worked in different houses (Hermès, M+F Girbaud, De Fursac, Chevignon, Nckids...). Equally at ease with women, men and children, she learns, feeds herself and bides her time. It is in 2010 that Najette launches her label. She masters with passion and rigour all the stages from creation to model making, up to the launch of production which has no more secrets for her. Passionate about the know-how of France and elsewhere, she will make it her fight to highlight and preserve these arts through her creations.


Our Commitment

Consume less but better. We choose slow fashion, to create quality clothes that will last over time.

Offering you the keys to a change in which craftsmanship regains its place at the heart of our business, helps to improve the living conditions of all the players in the manufacturing chain. It means making the choice of an eco-responsible and ethical purchase.

Working with craftsmen of beauty and sustainability in the choice of our fabrics and finishes. For a Made In Paris fashion, mixed race, respectful of human rights, animals and the environment.

Through this eco-responsible charter, we commit ourselves today and even more tomorrow to offer you complete transparency in the manufacture of our products and those of our raw material partners.

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