"Ethics and Creative Origins"


We create glamour and style that lasts.

Our charter of values said YES, to  Slow Fashion! For a sustainable fashion, we believe in style but not in trend, we believe in a quality more than a quantity. Least contributes to a better. 

We say STOP, fast-fashion for the benefit of Slow Fashion.

-FOR the respect of the rights of man and the environment.

-FOR the durability of our products which is our DNA

-AGAINST the standardization because “fashion goes out of style, the style never” (Coco Chanel).

Be a part of the Fashion Revolution because, we are what we wear!

Textile is the 2nd  most polluting industry in the world, we buy 400% more clothes than 20 years ago, and 85% of our purchases, unfortunately, end up in the trash. (source Council for textile recycling).

Our responsibility

We understand that we must do our utmost to meet increasingly rigorous sustainable development criteria. This eco-friendly Charter, we are committed today and more tomorrow to offer complete transparency on the manufacturing of our products and our partners of raw.

2016 marked the desire for a radical change of method of manufacture beyond the fact that our creations are already ethical and stamped Made In Paris. We wanted to go even further by choosing suppliers who share our values, humanist, innovative and environment-friendly. The Chic by Nature

The Chic by Nature

More than ready to wear, It's ART-TO-WEAR

We are concerned about the well being of all and of course our beautiful mother nature. So it is with love and passion that our Creative Art Director, She conceives her creations by choosing carefully his raw materials: the materials resistant, noble, organic, or even recycled, to offer you original, elegant, chic and timeless looks.

Her Mantra, is a sustainable ethical and creative fashion; she campaigned for the preservation of traditional know-how and manufacturing techniques to restore its letters of nobility to this trade.

Take the revolution even further, our fashion designer performs for you the model of your dreams in our Made-to-measure Atelier  (tailors, skirts, coats, dresses, Bridal or evening dress…). Affordable luxury, it’s possible!

Our commitment 

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last ! (Vivienne Westwood)

Consume less but better, is making the choice to no longer contribute to a passing fad and a consumerist one-upmanship. We make the choice of the slow fashion, it’s our revolution: take time to seek inspiration, to create quality, timeless clothing that will last in time and that it will not lay forgotten the following season.

Offer you the keys to a change where the craft resumed its place of heart, participate to improve the living conditions of all actors in the chain of production, is making the choice of a responsible and ethical eco purchase that will change things.

Also, we are committed to work with the beautiful and durable, artisans in the selection of our raw materials, a desire to push the garment at its peak.

Your garment becomes vehicle for a better world, as we work with communities of women, men, craftsmen, worldwide for our embroidery designs and our trims, our traditional know-how meet and become a force. For a fashion Made In Paris, Métis, respectful animals, of the human rights and the environment.

Transparency is beautiful

The traceability is a fundamental notion in our supply chain. Knowledge of the origin of our raw helps us to control their quality and their social and environmental impacts. Be respectful of ethical standards as well as environmental, it is the belief of have fun while contributing to a sustainable eco-system for all.

The design of our unique pieces are made in our Atelier-Concept Store localized in Rue Saint Honoré in Paris 1st district. Small series, however, are made in small  Parisians and provincials Ateliers, thereby minimizing the ecological impact due to transport. We require all our partners a traceability of their products in order to control the production line which is at the heart of our reason for being.

Our choice is naturally toward fabrics beautiful, original, degradation of wear-resistant and above all respectful of our planet.

Make a change, ‘DO SOMETHING’

We invite you to cherish to love each piece as a work of art, because isn’t a ready-to-wear, but the Art To Wear that we offer, and we guarantee you a lifetime of 20 years on our creations.

In addition, we also offer other alternatives than a new purchase or made-to-measure: our service Customize Me! Fall back in love with your old clothes, will allow you to refresh your wardrobe without buying new, give a second life to your favorite model or inherited, with us it is possible.

We advise you to re-create a look chic, contemporary and more timeless to your parts, for example changing the fabric of the sleeves, in shortening… Everything is possible with our customize Me!

It's time for A FASHION REVOLUTION.I dare to say "I CAN CHANGE THE WORLD."What about YOU ?