"ACH CHAJAI breaks the codes of the ready to wear to create ART TO WEAR

Luxury by essence

ACH CHAJAI PARIS is a sustainable luxury brand born of the franco-berberes cultural miscegenation, from two cultures it extracted the quintessence to exalt its beauty.

An anti-conformist brand from the 21st century which love to dress the muticultural woman, the universal working girl proud to wear her difference.


It tells a story of diversity where differences in cultural and contemporary unite. The creations are part of a neo-ethique mind; more than a garment, an identity, a claim to be unique and different; wear a garment as a work of art, a revealer of our ideals.

She is anti-fast consumption, appropriating ACH CHAJAI PARIS is the choice of an avant-garde and original fashion. Identity ‘ Made in France’ is meant to be artistic, strong parts in meaningful and responsible identity.

ACH CHAJAI PARIS city collections offer a urban wardrobe ranging up to the custom, a luxury now available to everyone (wedding dress, evening, suit, skirt…). It’s a brand which is sustainable and which reveals the personality of the one who wears it, in all its multicultural authenticity.

ACH CHAJAI means “courage” in Arabic, the courage to overcome and go after our dreams. Its emblem: the rosette representing the DNA of a French melting pot. The ‘A’ stylized logo ACH CHAJAI represents the ancient vaulted doors.

They are so intertwined with each other to form the rosette, an invitation to travel to discover different cultural worlds. or at the end of a cut for silhouettes resolutely aesthetic and pragmatic

Veste longue Karma & Veste destructurée Jade
Top crop Danio & Skirt Irland

A world of inspiration architectural and multi-ethnic , a mix that lead to the use of antinomical fabrics like tweeds mixed with nylon, cotton or gabardine with silk.; constructions games adorned with trimmings from four continents. In short, a supplement of soul.

His inspiration: the great French craft tradition, the energy of the streets, art, cities and travels.

Volumes range from traditional wardrobe and modernity that well symbolize his precious world aimed at conquering women and so dynamic.

Such a plan of architect, volumes are pushed always looking for a new fallen, a new cut more structured but still easy-to-wear. Tricks and surprises are scattered at the bend of a seam or a cut.

The designs of unique pieces are done in the PARIS Atelier-Concept Store of ACH CHAJAI and small series in small Parisians or provincials ateliers, thereby minimizing the ecological impact due to shipping.

What about the trimmings ?

The trimmings will appear on clothing from the high antiquity, Assyria and Egypt. Then, she conquered Byzantium, the Mediterranean, the Italy and finally the France.

It is revisited, developed and enriched by ACH CHAJAI PARIS which makes his thread and to adorn all of his creations.

An ancestral know-how that compliments most of her outfits, inside and outside. Combining tradition and modernity, it is a call to exploration.

The trimmings is everywhere and tells us about his origins, she brings to the apparel this complement of life and history.

The opening of his workshop-Concept Store at 91 Street Saint Honoré Paris 1 marked the year 2013 and has been a key step in its development.

In addition to its own collections, ACH CHAJAI PARIS offers a sharp selection of artisanal and talented accessories based around his universe designers; a concept store, offering its customers a complete look.